New Swim4Good Caps – Do You Want One?

We finally received our new Swim4Good swim caps.  One side of the cap shows a map (with a blue dot in the Strait of Gibraltar) that has the names of all the people who helped us reach  $106.450 in donations to Worldreader.  The other side of the cap has the logos of Swim4Good and Worldreader, as well as the following statement: “A Swim Between Two Continents in Support for Books for All.  Sports in the Service of Literacy and Education“.  Thanks to the Swim Factory in Barcelona for the design of the caps and to Sports Edition in Mexico City for producing them.

If you contribute $10 (7.5€) to Worldreader, we will send a cap your way.  Please go to the Donate to Worldreader page, make the $10 donation, and make sure to write down your mailing address in the comments section of the donations page.  We only have 15 caps to send out, so act quickly if you want one!  Thanks so much for your support.

Donate $10 to Swim4Good and get your Swim4Good swim cap.

Swim4Good Swim Cap

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