SF’s Open Water Swimming Scene: Night Train Swimmers

Since I arrived in San Francisco three weeks ago, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a group of OW swimmers who call themselves Night Train Swimmers.  Lucky for me, they’ve adopted me into their swimming circle so I’ve gone on some of their swims in the SF Bay.  These guys are kinda crazy– they’re into cold water and they do things like a 30 mile relay swim from the Golden Gate Bridge out to the Farallon Islands.  If you’re a Shark Week fan, you know that the highest concentration of Great White sharks in the world is found there.  Let’s be clear: I wouldn’t be caught dead swimming in the Farallon Islands- much less without a wetsuit in 50 degree water. Night Trainers about to jump into the SF Bay

This photo was taken yesterday as we were about to jump in and swim around Angel Island.  I was sure I was going to be bitten by a seal (actually, do seals bite?).  There are some seriously talented athletes in this bunch: from IronMan World Champions to English Channel crossers.  It’s impressive. Next week they’re about to do a 228 mile relay swim, the world’s longest relay, from Point Conception to San Diego. You can read more about it here. GOOD LUCK!!!

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