Month: July 2012

Wonder Woman Suits

Susan: Hey, let’s get these suits: Emily: I like thicker straps- make my ginormous shoulders look smaller. Do we have to wear the same suits? Mauricio: No, i don’t think I would look that good in that.  Once you girls are swimming 20km… Read More ›

Governor’s Island Swim

Susan’s take of the swim:  “Carrington and I swimming around the birthplace of NYC this am. Swim was great- jumped off a ferry, saw lady liberty waving at us every time we took a breath, swam around to the open Atlantic, and… Read More ›

7km training Sitges

Lunch after a 7.15km group swim in Sitges. Included in this picture are three swimmers who recently crossed the Strait of Gibraltar: David Baulenas (1st from left), Alberto Compte (first from right), Jordi Cañellas (next to Alberto).

Travesía Sitges

The conditions made this crossing particularly challenging and it added a good 25% of the time normally required for this distance.  This was Emily’s first Open Water race.  The short distance and the added difficulties imposed by the current and… Read More ›