My Alcatraz Swim to Make a Difference

This is a post from a younger member of Swim4Good (my daughter)

Hi! I’m Carolina Prieto, a 13 year-old living in California.

I’m trying to raise money for breast cancer research– to find a cure. To do that, I am going to swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco. If you either want to help beat cancer or like swimming (or both!), please don’t hesitate to donate.

We are doing a project at my school called TAP (Take Action Project) where you pick a problem, research it and take action to try and solve it. I chose breast cancer because it kills too many people and it’s cruel.

I decided to swim from Alcatraz to SF because I love swimming and it seems kinda scary! Hopefully I can both: 1) complete the swim and 2) help change people’s lives.

The plan is to swim on May 11th at 7am, but it will depend on how the conditions are that day. Thank you to David Holscher who will captain the boat and the swim and to Night Train Swimmers and Swim4Good for showing me how to use swimming to help others.

Thank you!



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2 replies

  1. Grandísima Carolina!!! Mucha fuerza y ánimos. Y gran causa por la que vas a nadar. Te seguiremos desde Barcelona. Un besazo.

  2. Exciting project, Carolina! Yours is one of the most notable projects I can think of to help the fight against cancer. Congratulations.

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