Part II – Shoulders – How Swimming Makes You Ugly

I admire with great envy women with wimpy spaghetti arms. As a swimmer, however, I will never be one of them.  Casually shopping at lunch today, the sales woman, grabbed a shirt I was looking at and said, “Vaya, tu tienes mucho hombro” and grabbed the article back because she did not have it in a larger size. Translation “Wow, you have really big shoulders”.  Thanks Lady, you should know that I am very sensitive about my shoulders. It wasn’t so much her grabbing the article of clothing out of my hands as her facial reaction to the size of my shoulders compared to the rest of my body.

As a swimmer your shoulders and back grow so that you have this tiny waist and this monster amazon upper body. It’s proportionally weird and just not attractive. Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of this characteristic. I didn’t swim for over 18 years and I still have big arms/shoulder/back.

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  1. You know, I used to lifeguard for college swim practice (which always made me chuckle…though lifeguarding for the divers totally freaked me out). I would always admire the muscle on the swimmers – men and women alike – they were jacked and toned and looked gorgeous to me! So maybe it’s like a bad hair day – you might notice it a lot more than most people (okay, you and that sales-lady). Have a great one!

  2. So nice to hear that!
    I guess I should add that I have been living in Spain for the last 10 years and the athletic built women are far and in between. It has made for the arm/shoulder insecurity worse.

  3. Emily, you are one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever met. Don’t be insecure about anything – you are incredibly beautiful (inside AND out)!

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