Cold Water Therapy

I started being intrigued about swimming in cold water (without a wetsuit) in October 2012. And it is not a coincidence that this was the time I started reading Donal Buckley‘s fantastic open water swimming blog Loneswimmer. Donal is an… Read More ›

10 months in review

We love to hear friends  tell us they’re inspired to start swimming. We were especially thrilled when we got an e-mail from Mark entitled “Some serious questions” in which he told us that he considering the challenge of swimming the Strait… Read More ›

My Poolmate Quit

My Poolmate Pro watch has just given up. At times, more important than my teammates, my Poolmate has been my pal through long pool swims, allowing me to disconnect and check in every half and hour or so to see… Read More ›

Swimming Etiquette

As in most races, at the start people aggressively swim over you, smack you and ram into you.  I get claustrophobic and I can’t breathe. At times it has even felt like I am drowning – but I can accept… Read More ›