Jellyfish Galore on a 6.5k

Today we had to do a longer distance in the open water so Emily drove down to Sitges and met Mauricio and me for an early morning swim. It was warm and sunny and the water was as flat as a pancake- it looked like perfect conditions for a nice swim. Perfect… until we looked under water and saw some of the biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen! If you click here, you can see photos of the “Fried Egg” jelly and the “Shiff Arm” jelly- then imagine over 100 jellyfish pulsating around you in the water.

It’s shocking when you first come across one of these creatures in the water- they are HUGE. I thought Emily was going to have a heart attack. ”Let’s Go!” she screamed once. Not like a “you can do it!” rally cry but rather a “hurry up and let’s finish this crazy swim!” It’s odd though, by the time you’ve seen about 20, you start to look forward to seeing them. They’re so big, you can see them a mile away and they sort of break up the monotony of a 2 hour swim. Some of the tentacles break off and you get slightly stung. I got one of these little beauties in my mouth. I guess I swim with my mouth open.

It was fun to look up and see my girls on our friends, Maria and Patrick’s boat. They were screaming: “Hay muchas medusas!” Maria took this pic of the three of us- you gotta look close but you can see our three yellow caps there.

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