A word from the dark horse

We just got this e-mail from Carrington.  I’d call her the “Dark Horse”.  Not because she’s slow- she’s actually the fastest of us all.  But she’s got the most difficult training situation.  More on that later... but here is what she writes today:

“Honk Honk!”

Yes, that’s me tooting my own horn. Because I just did 4500k in one workout! I’m allowing myself one smug moment because this is the first time I’ve reached Mauricio’s weekly target yardage (10k). And it was all done in the crappy kids’ pool near my apt that’s only slightly cooler than the average temp of a jacuzzi (not sure if it’s set that way, or due to hundreds of un-potty-trained kids). Anyway, as you all know, it’s extremely boring doing 4500 on your own, so I came up with a workout that’s not too bad and wanted to share, in case you find yourselves having to do a pool workout.

Basically, it’s 10-9-8-7-6-5:

1000 free

900 (300 free, 300 drill, 300 free)

800 (400 kick, 400 free)

700 (alternate 100 free, 100 back)

600 (6×100’s descending – last 2 should be all out)

500 mix it up – first 100 should be warm down float from the previous sprints, then do a few underwater no-breath 25’s, dolphin kick on your back, easy free, 12.5 sprints, etc.

It actually went pretty quickly and was a good way to get in a lot of yardage.

We hope to hear more from her!  In 2 weeks, the two of us are swimming a 10K  race in the Hudson River.  Ah, the beautiful, pristine waters surrounding NYC!

Tomorrow we’re swimming 5k- Mauricio, Emily and myself in Sitges.  Today there were lots of jellies.  Ugh!  Emily is going to flip out when she sees them. 

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