Swim4Good Just Got a Lot Bigger

Swim4Good was launched on August 2012 by Emily Kunze, Susan Moody and myself with the objective of swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar and raising $100.000 for Worldreader.  On July 11 2013, we reached our goal of swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar and raising $107.800 for Worldreader.

After Gibraltar, and as we thought about the future, we wanted Swim4Good to be active on two fronts:

1. Competitive. Swim4Good participating in at least 2 relevant swims per year, ideally with a fundraising objective.

2. Recreational / social. Swimming meet-ups to discover new places, meet other swimmers and further enhance our open water swimming experience. Some of these informal and recreational swims have a fundraising component as well.

For these two fronts, we are convinced that it’s essential to create a community around Swim4Good.  We’ve been lucky to have met many great individuals who have helped us and Swim4Good along the way and we have invited some of them to be part of Swim4Good. We are proud to welcome to the Swim4Good family an outstanding group of open water swimmers that we also consider an outstanding group of friends.

Swim4Good Swimmers include world champions, world record holders, but also amateurs who have they eyes set on new personal challenges.  Despite the different levels of expertise, as Antonio Argüelles says, we all have our own channel to cross. We look forward to many more km in the water with them and to continuing to expand the Swim4Good community to more passionate open water swimmers in the future.

List of Swim4Good Swimmers

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