Bay Area Swimming: From Bridge to Bridge

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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been swimming with the Night Train Swimmers and I’ve become buds with the leader of the group, Vito Bialla (one of “101 Movers and Shakers in the Open Water Swimming World“– along with Swim4Good’s Mauricio!).  The other day I texted him asking if people swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge and I got an unexpected response.  I was kinda hoping for a little of history, like “sure– it’s an annual race,” or “yea– I know some folks who have done it.”  It was something that kept popping into my mind each morning while crossing the bay via ferry.  It seemed like a respectable distance— kinda intimidating but doable.  Seconds later Vito texted back: “When do you want to do it?”  Vito is the kinda guy that makes stuff happen.

So tomorrow, Mauricio and I are swimming bridge to bridge (approximately a 10 km swim) together with some amazing swimmers from Night Train: Kim Chambers, who I’ve been tweeting with for over a year about Gibraltar, ranked 6th in the Ocean’s seven rankings (she’s done 5 out of the 7), and who successfully crossed the English Channel 8 days ago, Dave Holscher and Phil Cutti who hold world records for the longest continuous swim from Point Conception, CA to San Diego, CA.

I’m a little nervous to be in the water so close to the mammoth Golden Gate Bridge, with those famous currents and sharks, and was hoping something like the America’s Cup would get me out of it.  No such luck.  Yesterday I got a note from Vito saying: “Ok here’s the deal: just got special permission from coast guard to swim Sunday am regardless of America’s Cup.”

Frick!  Ok, wish us luck!

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