Emily: “Wait, we’re supposed to swim across that!?”

Emily, Mauricio, Mark and I arrived yesterday to Tarifa and holy mother of winds–it’s seriously blowin’ here! It’s actually hard to stand up straight.  It feels like we’re in a hurricane. It’s no wonder that no one has been allowed to attempt a swim in three weeks.



It’s pretty cool to see where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean.  Notice the eastern winds have tilted the sign.



When we first saw the Strait, Emily and I both had a: “This is a really bad idea!” moment which Mauricio caught on camera.  Emily turned to me and exclaimed: “Wait, we’re supposed to swim across that!?”


Um, whale watching?


We’ll keep you posted as the week evolves.  We’re hoping for a break in the winds on Wednesday/ Thursday.

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  1. You people are really brave to ever think about this. Whew. It gets my heart racing and my mind worrying just looking at the video.

  2. You can do it! We crossed at the end of May of this year 🙂

  3. you at the hurricane hotel? hope you can swim soon

  4. u at hotel hurricane? hope u can swim soon


  1. We Did It! Underwater accounts by Susan, Emily and Mauricio | Open Water Swimming

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