My Poolmate Quit

My Poolmate Pro watch has just given up.

Poolmate Pro

My Poolmate is unresponsive

At times, more important than my teammates, my Poolmate has been my pal through long pool swims, allowing me to disconnect and check in every half and hour or so to see how many meters I have logged.

But just as the looming black cloud of the Strait is ready to pour, my Poolmate has decided that it has had enough of my swimming sessions. It seems that the last day it worked was a particularly rough sea day. In hindsight, it seems that it was scared to death, literally. I tried it one more time in the pool to see if it could be revived in familiar water but it was too late.  I have worn it both in the pool and it in the sea.  Even though it didn’t record GPS distance it kept me company. So what happened? Too many km ? Perhaps….with my workout schedule this year (over 450 kilometers since January) I would quit if I were given the option. But, unlike my Poolmate, I know I can’t walk away, too many people have pledged their support and I have spent too many hours in the water to stop now.

I wonder which watch I should go for next?

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  1. You are ready, it is an Omen from the Sea Gods. (which usually help when you put the mileage )

  2. Mine quit too. The battery had run out was all. Replaced and all is well…..

  3. Hi Emily,
    We are watching the website and so proud of you and your team. What a year long adventure. Good luck and let’s hope the sea gods cooperate. MOM

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