Part III Skin – How Swimming Makes You Ugly


As swimmers, we don’t get bruises like the women soccer or field hockey players but we do get chaffing.  This is mostly caused by the harshness of the salt from sea but can also be caused by using a new swimsuit in the pool.  I think the picture of my neck post the 6.5k in Sitges this September illustrates this Ugly challenge.  Yes, I did lather up with Vaseline before I started the swim and yes, I did feel a painful stinging during and after my swim.  At best something like this heals in a week. At worst, hair gets stuck in the scabs ripping any new skin from forming, which causes dark scars, and a new tough resistant skin where the chaffing occurs. On this occasion, I did not get scarring but it did last for well over three weeks. And when I wore my hair in a pony tail, people stopped and stared at my hideous neck.


Product call out: So far the Eucerin Aquaphor has been doing a pretty good job at protecting my skin.

See other posts in this series, and feel free to comment.  We’re looking for good advice here–  Swimmers unite!

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  1. we call them “suit hickeys”. : )

  2. Interesting because I never got these when I was younger. I relate it to the I am old and everything on my body is falling apart.


  1. Our new friend, Rafa! | Open Water Swimming

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