Crossing the Sea of Cortez

On June 3rd 2014, six swimmers – Susan Moody, Mauricio Prieto, David Ogden, Richard Ernst,  Shannon Navarro and Luane Rowe under the leadership of Vitto Bialla – will depart from El Tecolote beach near La Paz, Mexico in a continuous relay swim across the Sea of Cortez, a distance of approximately 88 nautical miles (101 miles or 163 km). If we succeed, we will be the first ever to successfully swim from the Baja California peninsula to the Mexican mainland.

To date, other solo swimmers and relays have attempted the 88 nautical mile swim, but have gotten thwarted mostly due to severe jellyfish stings, threatening marine life, and dangerous weather conditions. The Sueño88 team will swim under the Marathon Swimmers Federation rules. Only one swim cap, goggles and standard swimsuits will be used. No shark cages, no protective nets, no Shark Shields, no stinger suits or other performance-enhancing assistance or protective equipment will be used.

Sueño88 is an initiative by Night Train Swimmers and Swim4Good, two organizations that use swimming as a vehicle to raise money for non-profits. The swim’s objective is to raise $100,000 primarily benefitting Worldreader, a cutting edge non-profit whose mission is to eradicate illiteracy by delivering the largest culturally relevant library to the world’s poorest people—digitally and inexpensively.

Please join the cause and donate!

To learn more about our Sea of Cortez swim: Sea of Cortez posts

To learn more about Worldreader, please watch this short video

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  2. A wonderful cause. Good luck to all of you brave swimmers!

  3. Must chime in and echo the above.

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