Swimming in the middle of America’s Cup!

Tomorrow morning Emily and I are going to suit up and dive into the frigid waters of the SF Bay.  That’s right, we’re doing the mythical Alcatraz swim– famous for it’s dangerous riptides which deterred the island’s former inmates from taking a plunge into the Bay.  This is a “present” from Mauricio to the two of us after completing Gibraltar.  The e-mails between us and the organizer, Gary Emich, are kinda cracking me up.  First, he told us to dress like we are going to Siberia (anyone who’s hung out in SF in the summer knows what he’s talking about).  And now we’re asking him how he plans to circumvent America’s Cup going on right now in the exact area where we’re supposed to swim!  I saw the Oracle boat out in the bay this morning and I have to say, I’d be more scared of seeing that up close than a Rorqual whale!   Our friend Julie Trell will crew and snap photos…..Wish us luck!

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 12.24.55 a.m.

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  1. Susan and Emily:

    I you wear a Stanford swimming cap you will be protected from sharks and boats. Remember what Jane Stanford said: “I will be watching from Heaven” (that is the reason why all Stanford roofs are red)

  2. Birkin is better

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