A little training detour

As a half-full kind of person, I have convinced myself that a recent 5-day trip to Las Vegas was key to my training.

After Antonio Argüelles advised us to put on a few pounds for our open water adventures, I’ve been trying to add a few more calories to my diet. I have found that as hard as it might be to lose weight, it is harder to gain weight when swimming over 30k a week. Fortunately for me, our very first donor (and one of my best single friends), Penny Mcdermid, was hosting a 40th birthday bash in Vegas. And what better way to pack on the kilos than a weekend in Vegas? I had been dreading this trip because of (1) the 24-hour total flying time; (2) the 9-hour jet lag; and (3) the general stamina needed for back to back partying with Penny and her Canadian entourage.

I had to hit the pool on 3 hours of sleep at 9am when it opened because it quickly filled up with, well, grossness.

Big Pool at the Venetianparty pool at Tao vegas

Despite not being in my top million choices of holiday plans, Vegas is really a fascinating place and being there forced me to let loose, forget about the Strait and remember that once upon a time I loved fun. Thank you Penny for that reminder.

Even if work keeps Penny from crewing for us in the Strait (she is supposed to crew for us but work might keep her in London), I am sure she will find a way to make it to the after party.

Penny Rocks 40

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  1. There’s a tried and tested method of weight gain amongst Channel swimmers (and you should see what 75k a week does to your appetite..): ice-cream before bedtime!

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