X-ray of open water swimmers (5 minute survey)

When we conducted our last poll on how swimmers from different countries defined “cold water”, a number of respondents suggested that we do a more comprehensive survey in order to get a better picture of open water swimmers. So, here it is. We will be publishing the results as soon as we get a critical mass of responses. We would greatly appreciate it if you can help us by sending this survey to your swimmer friends or sharing it on social media. Thank you very much for your help!

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  1. Thanks for the survey. I think I’m outside the demographic, though; questions seem to refer to long-distance swimmers interested in “trophy” swims, and I’m a schlub who just likes the open water.

    I’d “like” to fear jellyfish only in the sense that I’d like to swim in the ocean much more and face that risk; otherwise, my home lake doesn’t present too many risks.

    • Hi Shawn. Thanks a lot for your input. As per your comment, I have slightly changed the wording of question 16 to make it clear that I am not assuming that all respondents are interested in those. The survey is intended to all open water swimmers regardless of where or what they swim. If you have completed the survey, thanks a lot. If you had not, hopefully you will based on this clarification. Thanks again for your comment and have a great weekend.

  2. Done survey, ow swim features as part of triathlon training / events, so not sure I fit profile? Good luck with survey, Nick

    • Hi Nick. Thanks for completing the survey. Yes, you definitely fit in the profile. I am interested in getting the input from anybody who enjoys swimming in open water, and OW swims that are part of a triathlon also fit in here. Thx again.

  3. Survey go me thinking if I am going to keep doing these longer swims I might want to up my swim milage….good reminder Mauprieto

    Sir Sharko

  4. Never worried about orcas before. But now things are changing and new waters are enticing me. Orcas live there.

  5. Just started to follow the open water articles. Hope to start swimming again this year.

  6. I am doing a dissertation for uni on open water swimming tourism and this survey was really helpful. I have only been open water swimming for a couple of years but will not ever stop until death do us part etc.


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