30 second Cold Water Poll for Open Water Swimmers

I am interested in finding out how much the perception and definition of “cold” water changes depending on where swimmers comes from.  You just need to read some of Loneswimmers posts to realize that what is cold to some of us, is hot as hell to others.  With this poll, I will hopefully be able to get a critical mass of responses from a variety of countries to get a better image of how cold water is defined around the world.  Once I do, I will publish the results and conclusions.  Thanks a lot for your input.

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    • Hi Rebecca. I wanted to limit the questions to make sure that I got as many responses as possible. After I launched the survey, I realized that maybe I could have added a couple more quick questions such as “What was your longest OW swim in 2012”, “kms swam in 2012”. What questions do you think I should have included?


  1. Results of the Cold Water Poll for Open Water Swimmers | Open Water Swimming

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