Target day for our Gibraltar swim: July 6

A couple of days ago I headed to Tarifa to try to secure a date for our swim across the Strait of Gibraltar. I met up with Rafael Gutierrez, President of the Strait of Gibraltar Swimming Association to submit our application and a few hours later we were confirmed for our target date of July 6. I immediately contacted my 3 rockstar team mates Susan Moody, Emily Kunze and Carrington Cole who were pretty psyched. Many kilometers of pool and OW training separates us from G-Day, but it’s a good feeling to know that the paperwork is behind us. Now it’s a matter of getting our bodies and minds focused and ready for July 6, a short 7 months away.

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  1. Good luck guys. I swam across on 11July this year. Being from Gibraltar itself this was an extraordinary experience for me.

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