Pool-less again, thanks to Hurricane Sandy…


Sandy’s aftermath at the DCC pool

Things were looking up – word on the street was that the new Asphalt Green would open in December, which would mean finally I could properly train for Gibraltar! And in the meantime, I still had the DCC on the weekends (even if it did feel like a jacuzzi). Then came Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm to hit NYC in a century, taking out both the DCC and my hopes for Asphalt Green. Is this a message from the gods? Or just from my parents, who really don’t want me swimming Gibraltar anyway…

So today I called 6 clubs in Manhattan trying to find a pool where I could get a day or a week pass. Many of them list a pool on their websites, but it turns out to be 18 yds or a sauna, so you have to do some research. I called Equinox to ask what the pool length was before making the trek up there, and the guy on the phone told me: I’m sorry, I can’t give that information over the phone. Huh??? When did pool dimensions become classified??

So I’m pool-less again. Anyone have any ideas for dryland training I can do at home (ie. while the kids are asleep and minimal equipment required)??

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  1. Not liking this one because you’re pool less, but because it shows your adaptiveness!

  2. carrington, have you tried the lexington avenue y, chelsea piers, NYAC, Columbia University, or Baruch College?

  3. Ima bit late but did you try JCC on UWS – 76th / Amsterdam 🙂

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