Governor’s Island Swim

Susan’s take of the swim:  “Carrington and I swimming around the birthplace of NYC this am. Swim was great- jumped off a ferry, saw lady liberty waving at us every time we took a breath, swam around to the open Atlantic, and then past Brooklyn. Saw no dead bodies. Only bad is that both our oldest children ended up in ER the same day: Charlie- hit by biker, Sofia- attacked by rabid dog. A lot happens in a NYC day!”

Carrington finished at 46’28” in 1st place out of 26 women in her age group at 46’28”, #12 out of 96 women, #38 out of 283 overall (13%)

Susan finished at 49’27” in 10th out of 26 women in her age group, #28 out of 96 women, #79 out of 283 overall (28%).

Very strong showing by Team G, congrats!

Full results here


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