Open Water

Mind Games

One thing I’m pretty good at is forcing myself to not think negative thoughts when swimming in the ocean.  When Carrington waxes on about sharks or Emily flips about huge jellyfish, I usually say: “no, there’s nothing out there…. just… Read More ›

Menorca Team Training

This weekend marked our first “team training”. Normally when you think of swimming you think of a very solitary sport but when crossing the Straits, it’s important that we can all swim together at the same pace for 4-7 hours… Read More ›

Governor’s Island Swim

Susan’s take of the swim:  “Carrington and I swimming around the birthplace of NYC this am. Swim was great- jumped off a ferry, saw lady liberty waving at us every time we took a breath, swam around to the open Atlantic, and… Read More ›

Travesía Sitges

The conditions made this crossing particularly challenging and it added a good 25% of the time normally required for this distance.  This was Emily’s first Open Water race.  The short distance and the added difficulties imposed by the current and… Read More ›