Month: October 2012

Mind Games

One thing I’m pretty good at is forcing myself to not think negative thoughts when swimming in the ocean.  When Carrington waxes on about sharks or Emily flips about huge jellyfish, I usually say: “no, there’s nothing out there…. just… Read More ›

Water Therapy

Swimming both soothes and energizes, the best full-body massage available. I think that’s partly biological: the skin is our largest organ, so swimming is our most sensuous sport. Little wonder poet Paul Valéry described the sea as his lover: “In… Read More ›

SMS between swimmers

Emily: “Coach (Mauricio) said we shouldn’t drink much this week.  Is 2 glasses of wine ok?”  (We have a 10 K race this weekend in Sitges) Susan: “Yea, but Thursday only 1 and Friday none” Emily: “Meant to ask you, should… Read More ›